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Welcome to Windfall

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Enjoy the wildly fun world of Windfall.

With GravyStack you get to step into the magical world of Windfall, a game where you are the hero of your financial destiny. Play through 10 fun and challenging levels while you earn Grits and work to defeat Greedymon, an evil villian who’s out to destroy the world...

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  • Green Gecko Pose3 REV 1
    Green Gecko Pose3 REV 1
    Objective: Save

    Big Savings Beach

    Play alongside: Green Gecko
    The #1 pillar of financial health is saving. Big Savings Beach lays the foundation for absolute financial freedom. GravyStackers learn to put money aside and practice delayed gratification, deciding not to purchase something now so they can get something better later. On average, our families save over $574 annually just from completing this game level! Just see for yourself!
  • Purple Penguin Pose4 REV
    Purple Penguin Pose4 REV
    Objective: EARN

    Earn Ice City

    Play alongside: Purple Penguin
    Earn money by creating value in the world around you. This level of our money skills game allows GravyStackers to learn to earn - and actually earn - as they find and fill needs around their home and community. Earn Ice City sets into motion both grit and self-confidence.
  • Bronze Bear Pose2
    Bronze Bear Pose2
    Objective: Spend

    Spending Woods

    Play alongside: Bronze Bear
    The secret to building wealth is spending less than you make. In this level of our financial literacy game, GravyStackers conquer missions like the Broke Celebrity Challenge, reminding us that regardless of how much you make, you can still overspend and lose it all. Indeed, money looks better in your bank account than on your feet!
  • Silver Bull Pose1
    Silver Bull Pose1
    Objective: Share

    Share Ranch

    Play alongside: Silver Bull
    It's better to give than receive. We’re much happier when we're generous, and part of real-world money-learning is to make room in any budget for charitable giving that supports causes you care about. In this level, GravyStackers learn that you don’t need to wait to make an impact on others.
  • Fire Wolf Guide 002 REV
    Fire Wolf Guide 002 REV
    Objective: Invest

    Investment Springs

    Play alongside: Fire Wolf
    Young people often misunderstand and fear investing or end up investing in ways that are far too risky because they've never been taught the what, how, and why of it. If life teaches us anything, it is that time is more valuable than money! Investment Springs is our fun educational game that teaches kids to win with time, consistency, and patience. This game gives them the tools to start making their money work for them.
  • Diamond Dragon 2b REV
    Diamond Dragon 2b REV
    Objective: Protect

    Protect Crystal Park

    Play alongside: Diamond Dragon
    The safety of our kids will always be our #1 priority. Our app for financial learning would not be complete unless it gave GravyStackers and their parents the tools to fight against bad actors and protect their money when unexpected things happen.
  • Rainbow Unicorn 1 REV
    Rainbow Unicorn 1 REV
    Objective: Borrow

    Borrow Kingdom

    Play alongside: Rainbow Unicorn
    Every time you borrow money, you're robbing your future self. There's a reason that our young people are strapped with $2 trillion in student loan debt. The Borrow Kingdom level of our real world money game helps kids and teens understand what loans and credit are, how much they really cost, and how to steer clear of poor borrowing choices.
  • White Whale 1 REV
    White Whale 1 REV
    Objective: Create

    Create Ocean Festival

    Play alongside: White Whale
    Do what you love, and you'll never work a day in your life. People don't have to wait until after high school or college to figure out their future. The Create Ocean Festival part of our financial simulation game will help GravyStakers find their sweet spot (passion, gift, and need) so they can have fun while making the world a better place.
  • Golden Eagle Guide 002 REV
    Golden Eagle Guide 002 REV
    Objective: Character

    Character Traits Canyon

    Play alongside: Golden Eagle
    One of the most misunderstood parts of preparing our kids and teens for the future is building character. The good news is that it's also something every GravyStacker can grow and develop and is an important part of our kids learning program. Character Traits Canyon lays the foundation for personal responsibility, resourcefulness, kindness, bravery, and gratitude.
  • Mogul Monkey 1 REV
    Mogul Monkey 1 REV
    Objective: Skills

    Life Skills Avenue

    Play alongside: Mogul Monkey
    What essential life skills do you wish you'd learned early in life? Before GravyStackers can get their Certificate of Financial Independence, they have to finish the last level of our educational app for kids, which is called "Life Skills Avenue." Life Skills Avenue teaches vital things like changing a tire, creating a resume, negotiating, and much more.


A cunning and crafty ferret, the villanious Greedymon has taken control of Windfall with his devious tricks. He’s caused the citizens to make terrible decisions about money, forcing them into crippling debt and leaving them feeling powerless. We need you to defeat Greedymon and help lead the citiznes of Windfall out from under his tyrannical rule.

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Yellow Blob Left
Avatar With Coins

Earn Grits and create a custom avatar.

In the magical rorld of Windfall, you have the freedom to be the hero you were made to be. Earn in-game currency, called Grits, by playing and completing missions. As you rack up Grits, you can spend them to customize and deck out your avatar in premium gear, creating a unique character that represents you! Then compete with your friends to create the coolest avatar!

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Yellow Blob Right
Piggybank Reflected
Character Group Reflected

Keep track of your money.

The Money Machine is like a piggy bank on steroids where you can see the flow of all your money in one place. Money flows into your Save, Spend, and Share Jars automatically. Save Jar helps you set and save for meaningful goals, Spend Jar is your debit card which allows you to spend independently on items you want and need, and your Share Jar is where you put money you want to donate.

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