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Parents are super busy. Finding enough time to teach your kids about how money works might not might not always make it to the top of your list. That’s where we can help. Unlike other banking apps on the market for kids, GravyStack does more than teach kids how to spend money. It empowers kids to become the hero of their own financial story.

  • Autonomous learning: Help your kids learn essential life skills through independent play.
  • Real banking for kids: Kids can access a fully functioning debit card, and FDIC-insured checking and savings accounts.
  • Education that’s fun: Kids learn to manage their money through a fun-to-play game — Windfall.

Reviews and Ratings

Jace W. (11)

I learned that all my money goes somewhere. GravyStack helps me see it move and helps me make changes to help me reach my goals.

Tyler P. (14)

I learned about setting up my jars ahead of time. I like to put everything in my savings and then only move to my debit card when I need it.

Kaeden L. (12)

I have learned that you've gotta save some things, like money,  I relearn that with every game. There are some things that I need vs don't need.

Lucy P. (8)

I loved asking dad questions about subscriptions.


By making learning part of a game, kids will retain more information and be motivated to learn on their own.
Kids learn better through play

Kids learn better through play

Learning how to manage money feels hard, even for adults. That’s why we created a highly engaging game to do the heavy lifting for you. Doing and playing are powerful ways kids can learn quickly and independently.

GravyStack works because it’s fun

GravyStack was designed by subject matter experts, guided by child psychologists, and gamified by behavioral learning experts who know the science behind FUN.

GravyStack works because it’s fun
Kids will want to learn

Kids will want to learn

By incorporating real-world learning and making it fun, GravyStack will have your kids begging to play an educational game that teaches them about finances and personal responsibility.

Without GravyStack...
With GravyStack...
75% of teens learn personal finance from their parents but 77% of us adults have debt, want to earn more, and never save enough.
Learn and have fun alongside your kids!
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Around 30% of adults say debt keeps them from being able to reach their goals.
Be inspired by your kids and reach goals together.
Kids are taught about money the old way, and real learning is never caught.
Kids hold the keys to their future.
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Less than 20% of adults are confident about achieving their long-term financial goals.
Self-confidence grows amongst the entire family.
We wish we had GravyStack when we were kids.
Let’s help them succeed.
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It’s a fact that when kids are interested in the material and actively participating, they learn better. Mobile games are the perfect way to reach them!
Kids learn better through play

Real-world learning creates a lifelong impact

Kids learn better when they’re self-motivated rather than forced to learn. This is why allowance and other externally imposed systems do not work and lead to nagging, resentment, and unfulfilled promises. GravyStack is designed to give kids agency. Kids are able to earn their own money, set their own goals, and make choices about their finances. When kids are involved in the beginning by helping to make the decisions, they are more likely to see it through to the end.

Kids play and learn the 10 most impactful financial concepts

Designed by parents and finance experts, the game of Windfall has 10 fun-to-play-levels, each with an important lesson that will give your kids the foundation needed to go down the path of financial freedom.

Kids play and learn the 10 most impactful financial concepts
Earn a certificate of financial independence

Earn a certificate of financial independence

Tackle and complete over 100 missions to unlock the Certificate of Financial Literacy, a real certificate that proves mastery of all core skill levels that financial institutions and employers recognize as key for success.

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Kids crave indepedence. GravyStack lets kids earn, manage, and spend their own money, so they can feel empowered to create the life they want.
Kids learn better through play

Kids can earn money through Gigs

With GravyStack kids can watch the money flow through their Money Machine into their Save, Spend, and Share Jars. Seeing the flow of money from beginning to end is what helps kids understand and manage it with confidence. The financial stability this skill gives kids will help them create a meaningful and fulfilled life.

Kids can watch where there money goes

The Money Machine is like a piggy bank on steroids where kids can see the flow of all their money in one place. Money flows into Save, Spend, and Share Jars. How much money goes into each Jar is controlled by the Jar’s percentage setting, which kids set up, but parents always get to approve. End-to-end visibility into their money flow is what makes finances tangible.

Kids can watch where there money goes
Automated features makes things easy for parents

Automated features makes things easy for parents

GravyStack helps automate this part of life so that you can focus on other important things. Our Autofunding feature keeps the parent wallet full so that kids can be paid on time, while the Jar settings ensure every dollar a kid makes helps support their parent-approved financial plans and goals. And don’t forget about Gigs, which ensure kids always know what they can do to add value and earn money.

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