By empowering kids to take control of their own finances, GravyStack teaches kids that they have the power to pursue and create a life they will love

Banking Features

GravyStack allows kids to gain experience with real money.
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Money Machine

The Money Machine is like a piggy bank on steroids where kids can see the flow of all their money in one place. Money flows into Save, Spend, and Share Jars. How much money goes into each Jar is controlled by the Jar’s percentage setting, which kids set up, but parents always get to approve.

  • Save Jar: Kids learn the value of saving by working towards real, tangible goals.
  • Spend Jar: The Spend Jar is connected to your child’s GravyStack debit card. Kids place a percentage of their earnings in the Spend Jar, which they can independently spend on things they want and need. Parents, don't worry. You can easily turn the card on and off in-app if the card ever gets misplaced or lost.
  • Share Jar: A portion of each dollar kids earn goes into their Share Jar and can be used to support the charity of their choice. Any U.S. charity in good standing can be selected.
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Gigs are jobs parents offer to kids that they either can accept or reject. This is important because it gives your child a choice and the freedom to make extra money at their own pace!

Extra Pay

Extra pay allows people outside of the family to pay kids for jobs or to send cash gifts for birthdays, graduations, and more. Each child has a QR code that allows those outside of GravyStack to send money directly into the kid’s Money Machine. Every dollar they receive is automatically managed according to their goals and all in one place.


It’s crucial you pay kids right after you approve their request to help reinforce good habits. Autofunding ensures your Parent Wallet account always has enough to cover allowance, Gigs, and more without having to remember to keep it full.

We make it easy on parents

No nagging and reminding

Good money habits start early! GravyStack is designed to make the process of teaching kids about money easy and fun by automating and gamifying the more difficult and boring money topics such as saving, sharing, and contributing around the house. With these topics handled, parents and kids are free to have more collaborative and engaging conversations about money.

Without GravyStack...
With GravyStack...
Other debit cards make you set limits for and track every purchase.
GravyStack gives kids a way to learn, earn, save, invest, and share.
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Giving kids a way to spend early but not giving them the other tools they need, like bank accounts and income streams, leads them down the wrong path early.
The money that ends up on a kid’s GravyStack debit card can be spent freely without a ton of adult oversight because all the key conversations and rules come before the kids are given purchasing power. Plus, they earn all that money!
Incorrect debit card use expedites your child’s bad financial education.
A modern financial solution gives them a head start.
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Replacing cash allowance with debit cards doesn’t solve anything.
Our debit cards aren't a gateway to parent’s wallets. Kids earn their money through Gigs.
Debit cards provide control over the wrong things.
Backed by secure banking and expert guidance.
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