We make learning about money fun for the whole family.

Parents, we get it: you’re busy and swamped with everyday life.

You want your kids to learn how to manage their money so they can become financially independent in their future, but you have no time to help them learn and don’t know where to start.

You don’t have to do this alone. GravyStack partners with busy families just like yours to provide kids a proven roadmap for financial education that’s fun, accurate, safe, and even exciting. (Seriously!)

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Just 24% of kids will have the knowledge and skills to be financially independent by age 25. GravyStack is the app that helps your kids become part of “the 24%” before they reach adulthood.

If banking was a game, it would be GravyStack.

As parents ourselves, we know you’re probably too busy to think about how to get your kids financially ready for adulthood. Perhaps you don’t know where to start. But you know one thing: your kids need to know more about money than they do right now.

That’s where GravyStack comes in. We’ve created a holistic roadmap to learning about money: how to earn it, save it, spend it, and share it for a greater impact. Every level, challenge, and mission kids complete in our app earns them Grits (our in-app currency) and cash. 

GravyStack makes it safe and fun for kids to learn how to budget, manage money, set short- and long-term goals, and be the master of their future wealth. All with minimal parental involvement and zero micromanagement, nagging, or reminders.

We’re your partner to help your kids build the skills they need to be financially smart, independent, and successful in the future.

Learning about money doesn’t have to feel hard, boring, or uninspiring. At GravyStack, we’ve created a game that teaches proven principles of financial literacy with fun, real-world challenges. 

The parents in our GravyStack community want the best resources to help their children prepare for adulthood, even when they don’t have the time or expertise.

Leave financial education to us. GravyStack has 100 levels of skill-building Challenges and Missions, covering all areas of financial literacy. 

It’s all custom-designed by Certified Financial Planners (who collectively manage over $1 billion in wealth) in collaboration with Yu-kai Chou, renowned gamification author, speaker, and creator of the world-recognized The Octalysis Group.

What this means for parents: 

  • Our roadmap is built on proven financial fundamentals, which means the principles work for everyone.
  • Your kids will genuinely enjoy gaming, earning, and learning on their own. Don’t be surprised when your kids start suggesting jobs around the house to do! 

Built by Busy Parents for Busy Parents

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Benefits for Parents

Benefits for Kids

Our ecosystem makes it safe and fun for kids to learn how to budget, manage money, set short- and long-term goals, and be the master of their future wealth. Enter your mobile phone or email below to be the first to know when GravyStack opens our private beta.

Letter from Scott

Hi there, ScottI’m Scott Donnell, the co-founder and CEO of GravyStack. I’m also a husband and father of three kids. My co-founder Travis Adams and I created GravyStack so that parents can have a trusted partner to help their kids prepare for a financially independent future.  Most parents right now are way too busy to meaningfully help their kids learn how to make smart financial decisions. Perhaps they didn’t grow up learning about money management, or don’t feel qualified to teach their kids about finances. If this is you, you’re not alone. According to research by the S&P, just 57% of U.S. adults are considered financially literate. That number goes down if you are a woman (52%) or grew up in a low-income household (47%).  Merrill Lynch recently found that Boomer and Gen X parents are offering $500 billion annually in ordinary financial support to their kids – things like food, groceries, student loans, and cellphone bills. For context, that’s twice as much as surveyed parents are putting into their own retirement accounts.  Yet 75% of young people crave financial independence. They want to know things like how to make enough money to reach their financial goals, how to manage a budget, and how to tell the difference between good and bad debt.  It’s not your fault if you haven’t figured this out in your own family. After all, there’s a lot of topics to know and teach when it comes to money. And then there’s deciding the right way to teach this information to kids in a way they’ll remember and actually use. It’s too much for most busy parents to even consider. In my experience, these lessons are best learned as early as possible in life, and not necessarily from a parent. In our previous companies, Apex Leadership Co. and My First Sale, we taught kids as young as 6 how to practice real-world entrepreneurial skills like pricing, selling, and more. We’ve helped inspire thousands of kids to start their own businesses and start earning real money with minimal parental involvement. We brought these insights into GravyStack with the very best incentive ideas from the gaming world and proven money management methods from some of the U.S.’s top financial planners and advisors. The result is a remarkable app that teaches kids how to spend, save, and share money – all without adding any more “management duties” to your plate as a parent. GravyStack is the app that I wish I had when my kids were born. Our investors and many of our team members say the same thing!  We believe we can end financial illiteracy in a single generation by changing how our kids learn about, talk about, and interact with money. Money is simply a tool to create more fun, not an end in itself.  Join our community of families and discover how fun “money talk” can be.  

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“Invaluable Skills Learned”

My kids have loved the program, and learned so much, all while making money, which is so fun. We had fun brainstorming ideas, doing things together as a family, and the skills that they learn are invaluable.
Coley Arnold

“Stuff You Don’t Learn in Schools”

I have a 5-year old and 7-year old, and they’ve built 2 businesses and made hundreds of dollars doing it. It’s AMAZING. I can’t speak highly enough about doing this because it is stuff that you don’t learn in schools. If you can teach your kids this early, it’s amazing what this will do. My boys already get it. They know what money does. They saved up to buy their own toys. They know that if they have to go to the store to buy their own toys, they have to pay for it themselves and they can!
Lance Manywounds

This app is going to be a game-changer for kids and families! Excited to get it launched into the world!

Dr. Nicole Beurkens 

Clinical Pathologist 

Accelerating the financial independence journey for our kids will have a huge positive impact on the world!

Lee Benson

CEO | Execute to Win

This is super awesome, and it really helps solved a need. I am just curious about the name GravyStack. How did that name come about if you can share?

Rejan Muir

Commercial Credit Analyst | Altura

For me, as a father, this is a dream coming true. Congrats to all involved in this awesome project! 

Leandro Correo da Silva

General Manager | Finance

With Gravystack parents can teach their kids about money, and can monitor their kids’ spending habits.