How Your Kids Can Cut Your Grocery Bill By 28%

How Your Kids Can Cut Your Grocery Bill By 28%

Do you have kids? Do you wish you were better at sticking to your budget?

Great, then you have everything you need to build your personal money-saving team!

This blog will help you discover how, with the help of GravyStack, you can harness the power of your kid's enthusiasm to boost your family’s bottom line.

Not only will they help you save on groceries but they will also learn lasting financial habits.

Talk about a Win-Win!

How can I reduce my grocery bill?

Grocery bills can add up quickly. From fresh produce to paper towels, keeping track of your spending and getting a handle on your grocery bill when everything feels like an essential item is hard work.

At the time of this writing, the cost of groceries has risen dramatically over the last year. With eggs increasing by a staggering 60%, butter jumping 31%, and lettuce up 25%, it's no wonder parents are struggling to stay on budget.

With kids in the house, saving money on groceries can feel like a fantasy.

How can you hope to save money when you have a small army to feed? Not to mention the emotional and financial drain of having to tell your kid "NO", over and over and over again as they plead for their favorite frozen snack or the soda in the checkout line.

It can be tough to have the “money talk” with children without making them feel guilty for wanting a special little something, that’s totally natural! And it can be hard to explain that times are tight without worrying that they will feel nervous or uneasy about the future.

But there’s still hope!

You don't have to keep dreading the grocery store. In fact, the grocery bill is actually a great place to start saving money and teaching your kids financial responsibility.

Harness the Power of Your Kids with GravyStack

Time to turn this stressful situation into a moment where you can not only bond and become closer with your kids, but you can have fun doing it! GravyStack is an app that uses the power of play to get kids and families having fun learning and practicing smart finances. It isn’t just an app that helps you save money on groceries. It turns your kids from chaotic, money-blind drains on your energy and wallet into invested and excited budgeting partners!

GravyStack takes the power struggle moments between parents and kids and turns them into teamwork moments. Instead of saying "No we can't afford that" - you can now say “let’s see how we can afford that.”

Parents on average, save 28% on their grocery bills when using GravyStack. That really adds up!

This money-saving method works by presenting "missions'' for your kids that involve tackling real life money challenges like Grocery Savings or Subscription hunt! And also gives them mini games where they can practice and learn financial skills beyond savings to investing, earning, digital safety and more!

GravyStack was built by world-renowned gamification experts to make learning about money as engaging and fun for kids as playing their favorite video game. This means your kids will not only learn about finances but will actually begin living those lessons by asking for ways to help out more around the house, looking for deals, and deciding on their own what is a want vs a need.

Most importantly, your kids will love being able to contribute to the family in a meaningful way.

GravyStack helps turn moments that used to cause arguing and distance into memories that strengthen your family's bonds. Your kids will look back at the hours they spent completing these financial "missions" with pride.

How To Save Money - Methods From GravyStack

To start your mission of saving money on groceries download our "Grocery Savings Challenge". Use this worksheet with your kids to track your 3-5 most-purchased grocery items.

Each week, challenge your kids to find coupons for these items, compare prices between stores, or look online for discounts. When they are finished, show them how much money they were able to save by using coupons. You might even consider rewarding them with a special treat for all their hard work, or giving them half the savings as a reward!

You can also take advantage of our detailed guides on saving money at the grocery store in the GravyStack app. We’ll help teach your kids how to save money without sacrificing quality and make grocery shopping enjoyable for families instead of a chore.

How To Get Started

Getting started is easy, just go to and download the app. Setting up your account takes just a few minutes. You can even add multiple kids to the family team and start missions right away!

With GravyStack, your grocery bill will go down and your kids’ financial literacy will go up!

GravyStack offers much more than just saving money on groceries. Your kids will have fun setting aside money for quick and big goals, selecting charities they want to share with, and learning how to spend wisely. They will even get the opportunity to learn about more complex financial concepts such as understanding types of debt and investing.

This is why GravyStack is so much more than just an app that helps you save. It’s a powerful tool that parents can use to equip their kids with the financial knowledge they need to build successful futures.

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