Why GravyStack?

We believe that we can end financial illiteracy in a single generation by changing how our kids learn about, talk about, and interact with money. 

Instead of raising future consumers of financial products and services, we must raise future leaders who have the fundamental knowledge to make the best choices in support of their goals.

That’s why our ecosystem is designed to empower kids and teens to build their financial literacy in age-appropriate ways. 

Up until now, parents have had two options when their kids ask for money:

Give them free money
(in other words, give them an allowance).

Say no, and create
conflict or resentment.

Both cases are a no-win situation.

GravyStack gives parents a third, better option:

“Check out your GravyStack account. What gigs and challenges can you do to earn your own money?

Families tell us that after using GravyStack, their kids quickly learn that they can reach their monthly income goals through completing gigs and finishing challenges. It isn’t long before they discover they can make as much money as they want by encouraging those around them to start and fund Gigs or Challenges.