What is GravyStack?

GravyStack is creating a future where every child and teen has the tools, resources, and knowledge to make informed money decisions.

what is gravystack

We’ve built a fun-first roadmap to financial literacy that helps kids and teens build a positive, healthy relationship with money.

Our ecosystem makes it safe and fun for kids to learn how to budget, manage money, set short- and long-term goals, and be the master of their future wealth.

It’s all about building the knowledge and capabilities to graduate from allowance to independence. As your kids’ skills expand, so too will their Financial Success Resume. 

When GravyStack members turn 18

They unlock full ownership of their GravyStack account and access to credit cards, investing, and other tools to help them build wealth as their financial needs and responsibilities change.

Built By Families for Families

Fully featured debit card, checking, and savings accounts with no international fees

Rock-solid data privacy and cybersecurity

Practical education on investing in stocks, savings habits, and charitable giving

Automated deposits, spending limits, and flexible parental controls – all managed from your smartphone with real-time notifications

Play-to-learn interface puts kids in charge of their money and learning experience

Over 100 missions to unlock the Certificate of Financial Literacy

Build a Digital Resume of 100+ life skills and badges for college