Raising Confident Kids: 4 Tips for Fostering Self-Esteem, Grit and Resilience

Apr 14, 2023
Raising Confident Kids 4 Tips for Fostering Self Esteem Grit and Resilience 1

Raising confident kids is an important part of parenting, and it’s only natural for parents to want their children to have a strong sense of self-esteem and resilience. We don't mean that every kid needs to be outgoing and be best friends with everyone, we mean the confidence that grows from within. The confidence that helps a person navigate the world confidently and securely because they have the skills to navigate any scenario.

When we try to build confidence with surface items, like the same trophy for everyone or telling our kids that everything they do is magical and better than everyone else no matter what, it isn’t as impactful as a positive self-image that comes from achieving goals they helped set with their own effort.

While we love and use a lot of positive reinforcement, we've seen how true "I did it myself" confidence has an unrivaled impact on the lives of kids of all ages.

Financial education, in particular, can help your kids become more resilient and sure of themselves. It can also give them the tools they'll need to handle their money as adults. Apps like GravyStack are designed for parents to easily teach their children about money matters, helping them build a strong foundation for long-term success.

GravyStack gives kids the playground they need to practice their skills safely, allowing them to fail, learn, and try again to build their resilience. Achieving quick goals over and over again gives them some early wins based on real effort, while working toward a big goal builds grit and confidence from the first step to the last.

To truly appreciate any reward, children must first earn it, but they must also see the value of the journey towards it, and that skipping ahead with an easy button is not the path to true success.

This ‘failing forward’ builds Grit. With tools like GravyStack, kids have the freedom to do this autonomously, meaning when they hit a goal, they know they did that all on their own, and they get to feel the full thrill of achievement.

We know that self-esteem has a profound effect on how a child interacts at home, school, and with their friends. So what are some simple ways you can help foster your child’s self-esteem, grit and resilience today?

Tip 1: Building a Foundation for Confidence, Resilience and Grit

Showing kids a new skill and then giving them space to perfect it on their own fosters trust in their capabilities- even if it means making a few mistakes along the way. Praising process over proficiency can be tough for parents since many of us are wired to be results-oriented, but for children it is much more helpful for them to hear praise for continued efforts rather than for the outcome of a single event.

Allowing your child room to (safely) try and fail is integral to their growth, as well. Repeated attempts to succeed help them learn resilience and grit, and the mental toughness that’s often required to succeed at something challenging.

Giving your kid a chance to spend the money they earned through their own hard work can bring up a lot of emotions and tough conversations, and that is where the growth comes from.

Spending money you just hand them isn't nearly as challenging for them and doesn't provide that opportunity for growth.

Buyer's remorse is something better learned from a $5 trip to the candy store than it is after a splurge on a sports car that places you in debt before your first real job!

Raising Confident Kids: 4 Tips for Fostering Self-Esteem, Grit and Resilience

Tip 2: Teaching Kids About Money and Financial Responsibility

Financial literacy is a key aspect to becoming a successful, confident and empathetic adult. Giving children the tools they need to understand money’s origins, its impact on the world and the impact it can have directly on their lives will help them become mindful regarding money and empowered in their decisions surrounding it.

Developing mastery of a complex skill (like understanding how to choose a career to support their desired lifestyle, building up their personal savings for rainy day emergencies, investing, and experimenting with spending in a safe way) helps children feel confident in their abilities and decision-making. This development of self tends to have a positive ripple effect into other areas of their lives.

GravyStack teaches kids the building blocks of financial literacy, then invites them to master those building blocks through the language children understand best: play.

The Lego Foundation has done extensive research regarding the benefits of a play-based learning environment, emphasizing that “Play captures many of the features that we know from research lead to deeper learning, and thus provides an optimal environment to develop the skills and knowledge that children need to thrive and succeed as adults.”

In our interactive in-app game exploring the World of Windfall, children are given the ability to learn about finances in a fun and safe environment that they’ll enjoy returning to again and again.

Tip 3: Encouraging Independence and Decision-Making Skills

GravyStack provides an interactive, virtual learning environment that parents are thrilled their kid can experience independently. Kids and teens will become absorbed in the imaginary World of Windfall, where they get to be the hero of their story and defeat epic villains.

GravyStack also sets up real-world tools that help illustrate how they can save, spend, or share the money they earn, all on their own. GravyStack doesn’t talk down to kids, rather it communicates in fun and effective ways they can understand and appreciate.

Parents can take comfort knowing that their kids are learning from top-class financial experts, and having fun while they learn!

This financial education (disguised as a game) also helps facilitate open and compassionate discussion surrounding money in a family setting- an important aspect in predicting financial stability later on in life.

Turning a complex concept- like money- into a fun, engaging experience also means your child is more likely to talk to you about it, ask questions, and get excited about their real-life financial goals. If positively guiding your child toward a life of financial competency and security is your goal, Gravystack can help you get there.

Raising Confident Kids: 4 Tips for Fostering Self-Esteem, Grit and Resilience

Tip 4: Nurturing Positive Relationships and Social Skills

With GravyStack’s Share Jar feature, kids can choose to have a portion of their savings go toward a charity of their choice. This is a great way to establish your child’s understanding of philanthropy and the positive impact of charitable giving. Research shows that children who develop a strong sense of empathy are more likely to do well in educational settings, in social situations, and in their careers once they become adults.

Self-esteem, a sense of resilience and grit in your child are perhaps the most important skills they can possess at a young age.

When children have a mastery of financial literacy and financial responsibility, you’re helping them develop a thoughtful, confident worldview that will shape the trajectory of their entire lives. While that may seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be.

With GravyStack, the tools are presented to your child in an enjoyable, accessible way- and you can rest easy knowing they’re getting the very best financial education available. Your child will be thrilled to play our exciting game and explore the World of Windfall, with GravyStack, everybody wins.

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