Meet GravyStack: Who We Are & What We Believe

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Scott Donnell here. I’m a serial entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of GravyStack, a gamified financial literacy app for kids and families launching soon. 

This article is an introduction to GravyStack – who we are, what we believe, and why we’re changing the way kids and families talk about money. If you’re a parent, guardian, grandparent, or other key figure in a child’s life, keep reading. If our approach resonates with your values, head here to learn more about GravyStack and unlock a free month when we launch

When your child asks you for money, how do you respond?

Perhaps you use one of the two most common options:

  1. You give them free money (otherwise known as an allowance). 
  2. You say no, creating conflict and resistance.

Let’s be honest: both A and B are lose-lose situations. There’s a better way.

What if children instead learned how to earn and manage their own money? Based on our experience, this approach enables kids to grow up and become financially literate (and independent!) adults. 

That’s where GravyStack comes in. 

Introducing GravyStack

GravyStack is an upcoming family finance app that helps kids learn how to be smart with their money and build a financially independent future.

Using our fun-first roadmap to financial literacy, kids and teens learn how to build a positive, healthy relationship with money. With GravyStack, they will master skills like budgeting and planning, managing money, and setting goals. Ultimately, they will become the master of their own wealth.

GravyStack includes features like:

  • 100+ missions to unlock our Certificate of Financial Literacy
  • Practical education on investing in stocks, savings habits, and charitable giving
  • Digital Resume with 100+ life skills and badges for college
  • Play-to-learn interface that puts kids in charge of their money and learning experience 
  • Automated deposits into their Save, Spend, and Share Jar, along with spending limits and flexible parental controls – all managed from your smartphone with real-time notifications
  • Fully featured debit card, checking, and savings accounts with no international fees
  • Rock-solid data privacy and cybersecurity 

GravyStack Mission + Values

Our mission is to end financial illiteracy in a single generation by changing how kids learn about, talk about, and interact with money.

Through completing gigs and challenges, kids earn their own money and learn how to manage it wisely at the same time. GravyStack is working hard to empower children to become strong financial leaders, all while they have fun and play games.

For busy parents who aren’t willing to add one more thing to their plate, GravyStack is ideal. Kids can begin conquering Level 1 for free, without Mom or Dad having to lift a finger.

Here’s what we stand for.

1. Financial Independence

GravyStack’s goal is to help your children develop into financially capable and independent adults. By giving them the skills in a safe environment to earn their own money, by the time they grow up, money management will be natural to them. With this foundation of knowledge and lots of practice, they’ll be able to spot and avoid the common financial pitfalls that so many young adults fall into while making decisions that support their short- and long-term life goals.

2. Early Action

As parents ourselves, we firmly believe that it’s never too early to start teaching young people about finances. In GravyStack households, money isn’t a taboo subject – it’s a topic of everyday conversation.

GravyStack provides children with a safe and trusted environment to learn hands-on about money with zero risk. Taking early action means that financial literacy will become a part of our kids’ DNA! 

3. No Allowance

Although you can add an allowance on our platform, hear us out on this one: Giving kids an allowance indirectly trains a child to expect free money in the future. It demonstrates to them that they are entitled to money regardless of the value they create. 

We understand the tradeoffs of not giving an allowance – namely, arguments and resentment. That’s why we created GravyStack: to give parents and children better financial literacy tools, so that kids learn to value every dollar and take pride in earning their own money. 

Get a free month of GravyStack when we launch by signing up here.

4. Learn By Doing

We believe that tests and textbooks aren’t enough to build true, lasting financial literacy. Providing real-world experiences and challenges is imperative to mastering any skill.

Using GravyStack encourages kids to take an entrepreneurial, resourceful approach to their own money-making ventures – gradually building the skills to create and sustain their own forms of income. 

The intent is that by helping kids learn how to talk about and manage their own money from a young age, it will become natural and habitual to them. Plus, they can learn lessons and make mistakes in a safe, monitored space well before they enter the real world. 

5. Grit + Fun

Forcing kids to learn and do things that aren’t relevant or interesting to them is like pushing a large boulder up a hill: hard, frustrating, and demotivating. That’s why we put fun first when building GravyStack. 

Our gamification features help kids creatively earn and manage their money with 100+ real-world, skill-building challenges. As they progress, they unlock rewards, earn badges, and can compete with their friends on the leaderboards. 

By making financial literacy fun yet challenging, kids will naturally develop the grit they need to feel confident and capable about achieving their financial goals. 

6. Money Mastery

If you don’t learn how to master your money, your money will master you. That’s why we focus on empowering kids through powerful yet simple tools that expand their financial knowledge.

By making money management accessible and approachable, it will never be a topic of confusion or fear. As this knowledge compounds over months and years, your child will be leaps and bounds ahead of others when it comes to financial literacy. 

Set Your Child Up For Financial Freedom With GravyStack

As a parent, you have the opportunity to change how your kids learn about money – and, as a result, give them the tools and mindsets to never worry about money.

You can empower them early in life with knowledge, confidence, and resourcefulness: the underlying mindsets that drive better decisions when it comes to earning, saving, spending, and sharing money. Ultimately, you can give them a strong foundation of financial literacy that they can build on throughout their lives. 

You can do all this alone – or you can join the GravyStack ecosystem and do it with the support of a community of families who share the values and mission we’ve outlined above. 

Together, we can eliminate financial illiteracy for good. Join the movement and get a free month of GravyStack access here.

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