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What is GravyStack? | Accelerating Financial Independence in a Fun Way


GravyStack - The banking and investing app for kids and teens that plays like a game.

Parents, grandparents, teachers, and other child and teen caregivers are busy. And most aren't experts in finance.

Teaching kids about money is probably not at the top of your list of priorities. Still, financial education is essential.

Failing at it could result in a lifetime of money insecurity.

That's where GravyStack can help. Other banking apps and money management tools for kids and teens not only teach them how to spend money, but they directly reward kids for spending whether it fits the kid’s financial goals or not! GravyStack tackles the whole problem. Not only do we provide all the tools families need to teach kids financial competency, but we ensure the kids learn and act on that knowledge. We empower them to become the hero of their own financial story while they navigate our fun game world - Windfall - and learn finance basics to earn financial freedom. What could be better than learning about money through a unique, self-created personal story?

GravyStack is better than other kids’ money games and financial learning tools because it:

  • Promotes autonomous financial education. Help kids learn good saving, budgeting, spending, and other essential life lessons through independent play.
  • Leverages real banking. Kids 8-18 get access to an actual FDIC-insured checking and savings accounts and a Mastercard-backed debit card.
  • Makes financial education for kids and teens FUN. No nagging needed. Kids learn to make and manage their money through engaging educational games set in our virtual kingdom, the world of Windfall.
  • Gets the family talking. Parents don’t want or need to hand off their kids to yet another app. What they need is a supportive roadmap that helps them have healthy and fun conversations with their kids that actually bring the family closer while helping the kids get ahead.
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