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What is GravyStack

GravyStack is creating a future where every child and teen has the tools, resources, and knowledge to make informed money decisions.

Designing an epic financial future doesn't have to be boring!

Whether you’re 8 or 18, GravyStack teaches you money smarts that grow with you.

GravyStack is the ONLY financial literacy app that puts kids in control. You decide which money-earning gigs you accept, and how quickly your earnings stack up as you make your way through the game.

Fighting villains and becoming a hero, all while earning your OWN money? Let’s get STACKING!

Built for Kids

Gamified interface that makes learning financial literacy FUN

Empowers by providing the tools, resources, and knowledge to make smart choices around money

Cool avatars guide you through missions as you work toward your money goals…how’s THAT for a fun and easy way to earn cash?

Our ecosystem makes it safe and fun for kids to learn how to budget, manage money, set short- and long-term goals, and be the master of their future wealth.

It’s all about building the knowledge and capabilities to graduate from allowance to independence. As your kids’ skills expand, so too will their Financial Success Resume. 

...loved by parents!

Rock-solid data privacy and cybersecurity

Practical education on investing in stocks, savings habits, and charitable giving

Automated deposits, spending limits, and flexible parental controls – all managed from your smartphone with real-time notifications

Fully featured debit card, checking, and savings accounts with no international fees

No more nagging to help around the house– kids will WANT to complete tasks to earn money to get closer to their goals and earning financial independence!